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Professional services for a new era of business

Right now, businesses are faster than before, virtual, different languages, currencies and jurisdictions, companies need lawyers that adapt to these circumstances, and that have added values to their services, such as technological tools that make it easier the operation of its clients.

Our Features


We have more than 20 years of experience in corporate services, both legal and technological, as a consequence we develop skills such as: probity, rectitude and efficiency, making business accurate, clear and precise.


Extensive knowledge in commercial and corporate laws, focused on developing said knowledge hand in hand with technology, always seeking to avoid business problems, protecting each of the operations with all the resources that exist.


We know the problems and the expense that causes a client to be out of compliance, for this reason, all our actions are focused on keeping our clients within compliance with the laws and regulations.

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About Us

We are a company that offers compliance, this based on a comprehensive service, which adds the legal (legal advice, public faith services, valuation, arbitration and mediation) with the technological (e-sign, IDV, blacklists, AML, etc.).

This turned us into a bridge that helps the merchant, the businessman, the companies, to be more agile, fast and safe, achieving profitability and security.

Some of Our Services

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With our electronic signature platform, which complies with Mexican and international standards, our clients can send documents to be signed with full assurance that they will be legal and recognized by the Mexican authorities or any other country that belongs to the United Nations and signed the UNCITRAL treaties in the electronic signature model law.

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We have appraisers accredited by the Mexican Ministry of Economy, who can value products, services, rights and obligations, issuing opinions accepted by international authorities.

Do you want to enter the Mexican market? Most businesses fail due to high prices that the market cannot pay. Avoid this before entering the market. Our appraisers know the Mexican market and can tell you at what price to sell.

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We have arbitrators specialized in different industries and markets, who can support you in resolving disputes, credits, payments, nda, trademarks, patents, etc.

This helps merchants have access to justice quickly and cheaply.

Why clients choose us?

We are the best option in the country, our prices are affordable, we understand the laws, we understand the technology, but mainly we understand the companies and their way of doing business, this added to a quality service, where the client is not an "account" , is a merchant who needs us.

Some of Us

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Mauricio Romero

"...Let our service speak for us..."

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Daniel Ledesma

" I can help?..."

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"...we must find the balance between the market, the legal and the profit for the shareholder..."

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Edmundo Ruelas
Lawyer Sr.

"...let's do it!..."

Our Clients

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